Press Release: Propel Announces Training Records to Maintain Regulatory Compliance and Manage Return-to-Work Safety Regulations

3 min readJun 23, 2020

This is press release written for Propel in June 2020

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Propel, the only product success platform built on the cloud, today announced the launch of Training Records, its latest product innovation designed to save time, streamline regulatory compliance and keep employees safe. Companies can now assign and audit employees’ completion of training programs on the latest processes, documentation, product updates, work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Propel ensures employees are quickly trained on critical, time-sensitive updates. Employees can easily access and complete training from any browser, allowing companies to assign training plans to teams across the globe. Companies can also assign site-specific and role-specific requirements, ensuring compliance with all local regulations and safety policies.

Early adopters are already using Training Records for employees returning to work as shelter-in-place orders are lifted — all before setting foot on the manufacturing floor, using Propel’s cloud-native solution remotely. Michael Farr, Vice President of Operations at Sierra Monitor, an MSA Safety Company, has been using Propel to shorten his timeline of meeting those requirements.

“Like many organizations, COVID-19 presented new challenges for our company and our employees,” said Farr. “With Propel Training Records, we were able to develop comprehensive employee training plans to meet county and city requirements in order for our workforce to safely return to work. Propel enables us to stay efficient and flexible as we navigate the current climate.”

Manufacturers like Sierra Monitor easily integrate Training Records across their value chain to maintain regulatory compliance as updates are needed, eliminating time spent on manually distributing and auditing training assignments using email or shared files. Companies can also improve employee safety by immediately issuing training for new safety regulations as conditions change.

“Managing employee certification is critical for manufacturers looking to maintain compliance and eliminate risk using a simple process that’s fully integrated with their existing product platform,” said Ray Hein, CEO of Propel. “Training Records help organizations ensure employees are certified and trained on the latest changes and processes, allowing them to save time while remaining compliant for future audits.”

About Propel
Propel helps companies achieve product success by connecting the people, systems and processes needed to deliver products from concept to customer. Propel’s flexible and easy-to-use platform deploys quickly to serve as the single source of product truth for an entire value chain, including sales, service and partners. Get products to market faster while maximizing customer satisfaction and meeting local requirements needed to compete globally using secure and transparent collaboration.

Propel is built on Salesforce, the industry’s top-rated cloud SaaS platform, and integrates all the capabilities of its modern cloud infrastructure. Salesforce’s multi-tenant architecture is future-proof, ensuring Propel will always be the next generation product success platform.

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